Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Supervising Communications Technical Officer (SCTO)

As the Supervising Communications Technical Officer (SCTO), I will be in charge of the Communications Centre at Mawson station and I will supervise the Communications Technical Officers performing installation, maintenance, repair and operations work. In addition to the supervisory role, I will carry out routine and complex telecommunications installation, maintenance and repair tasks and operate communications equipment.

What will I actually do on the job?
Under broad direction from the Telecommunications Manager in Hobart, I will:
 Maintain highly complex telecommunications equipment, systems and facilities at Mawson station.
 Maintain IT infrastructure and equipment at Mawson station, including the provision of a helpdesk service to other expeditioners.
 Operate radio equipment for communication with field parties, aircraft, ships and small watercraft.
 Maintain radio masts, antennas and associated cabling/feeder systems. This may include climbing masts up to 50m high to maintain antennas.
 Maintain miscellaneous electronic office and amenities facilities, including audio-visual equipment.
 Provide support to science programs, including Geoscience Australia, Ionospheric Prediction Service and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.
In addition to the above responsibilities, I will also oversee the management and implementation of the efficient and effective installation, maintenance, repair and operation of the telecommunications systems, infrastructure and equipment at Mawson station.

As well as these specific job roles I will also be required to, in common with all other expeditioners, perform duties rostered by the station leader to support the community life of the expedition, such as general kitchen duties, garbage clearance, water duties, and assisting other expedition members with official programs.

Having marine qualifications, I will also be involved in marine activities using inflatable rubber boats (IRBs) and LARCs (Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo). These are used for cargo and personnel transfers, search and rescue and designated science activities.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Where is Mawson ?

So where the bloody hell is Mawson ?

This link will take you right there; (use the satellite view)

or type these coordinates into Google maps

The big red shed is where I will be living and the satellite dome to the left is where I will be working a lot of the time. You might be able to see the two wind generators also.

Further information about Mawson base and the other Australian Antarctic bases can be found on this site;

Here you can view the Mawson live web cam or check the current temperature or even read about what I have been up to in "This week at Mawson".

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kitting up

Hate packing ?

Well, spare a thought for the intrepid modern day Antarctic expeditioner.
Some how I have to fit all this crap in ?

And this is only my work gear, I also have to pack my own personal clothing, personal gear, sporting equipment and hobby equipment.

Winter Antarctic Field Trade - Support and Trade - Antarctic Winter 2012/13 (WAFT ) Handwear
    1  Glove - Field - Cold Weather
    2  Gloves - Rigger
    2  Gloves - Inner Woollen
    1  Mitten - Field - Goretex, One Finger - (returnable)
    1  Mittens - Survival - Goretex/Fur - (survival, returnable)
    1  Wristlets
    1  Balaclava - (survival)
    1  Goggle - Replacement Clear Lens
    1  Goggles - Snow Tinted Lens - (survival, returnable)
    1  Hat - Sledging Cap, (Goretex) - (returnable)
    1  Hat - Sun (Frillneck)
    1  Hat - Woollen Beanie
    1  Neck Gaiter
    1  Sunglasses - Polarized
    1  Sunglasses - Retaining strap
Base Layer
    4  Pants - Thermal, Woollen - (survival)
    6  Socks - Woollen - (survival)
    4  Top - Thermal, Woollen - (survival)
Mid Layer
    1  Jacket - Polar Fleece - (survival, returnable)
    1  Pants - Micro Fleece
    1  Pants - Polar Fleece - (survival, returnable)
    1  Top - Micro Fleece - (returnable)
Outer Layer
    1  Antarctic Shell - Bib & Brace - (survival, returnable)
    1  Antarctic Shell - Jacket - (survival, returnable)
    1  Carhartt - Bib & Brace - (returnable)
    1  Carhartt - Jacket - (returnable)
    1  Down Jacket - Station - (returnable)
Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)
    1  Chin Strap for Hard Hat
    1  Hard Hat - Ear Defenders (Attachable) - (returnable)
    1  Hard Hat - Lambswool Sweatband & Ratchet Strap
    1  Hard Hat - Liner
    1  Hi-Vis Safety Vests
    1  Knee Pads
    1  Overalls - Fireproof
    1  PPE Bag, 58L, Window, Green - (returnable)
    1  Safety Glasses - Clear
    1  Safety Glasses - Tint
    1  Safety Goggles
    3  Work Pants
    3  Work Shirt - High Visibility
    1  Boot - Summer Baffin Workhorse - (survival, returnable)
    1  Boot - Winter Sorel Glacier ( or Baffin Derrick) - (returnable)
    1  Boot - Workshop - Steel Blue
    1  Bootchains - (survival, returnable)
    1  Liner - Baffin Workhorse - (returnable)
    1  Liner - Sorel Glacier - (returnable)
    1  Bag Storage Poly-Woven
    1  Field Manual - (survival)
    1  First Aid Manual - (survival)
    1  Kit Bag - Summer 68 Litre - (returnable)
    1  Kit Bag - Survival (Red) - (survival, returnable)

    1  Mankini - Fluro green - (mid winter swim)
    1  Water Bottle
    1  Water Bottle - "S" Clip

My Antarctic Adventure

I will be travelling to the Australian Antarctic Station "Mawson" by the ice breaker Aurora Australis mid January 2013 as an expeditioner on the 2012/13 Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition #66. I will be wintering at Mawson Station for approximately twelve months, then returning to Australia around January 2014.

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