Friday, 25 January 2013

Monday 14th January 2013

I spent most of the day sorting out more email issues and computer setup issues and I am pretty sure I am on top of everything now. I printed the daily news, crossword & cartoons and finally got to have a walk around the ship to know where everything is. Had a science meeting to discuss the deployment of a submerged acoustic whale recorder. I am responsible for communicating with the device and ascertaining its exact location using sonar when it settles on the sea bed two kilometers below at a decent rate of 2 meters a second. We have 1.5 hours to complete this task. Finally I now have time to relax and do a few of my own chores. Kaldyn and many others are very sick again today, but Keldyn was much better after getting an injection.

@ 09:00 UTC
Speed 11.0 knots
Heading west
Roll 3 degree
Pitch 4 degree
Depth 5500 meters
Water temp 13.3 degree
Air temp 14.2 degree
Wind NNW @ 25.0 knots
Lon 139.87E & Lat 43.82S
View of the forward deck cargo including a landing barge, the ships tender and building material. The main cargo hold is under all this equipment.
View of the cargo on the heli-deck including two Haggs, uni-floats and building material.
You cant afford any thing to come loose during the voyage or the results could be devastating.
Our two new Haggs. If sea ice prevents us getting into Horse shoe harbour, we will have to re-supply with helicopters and our Haggs will be sent back to Kingston.

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