Friday, 25 January 2013

Sunday 13th January 2013

At 07:30 we all met at Self Point security gate and I said my last good byes to Putu and boarded the Aurora Australis around 09:00.(Chris was late again!!) Cleared customs, threw the ropes and departed Hobart at 09:30 and waved good bye to Putu on the shore as we sailed past. It was a pleasant sail out of storm bay with dolphins and thousands of mutton birds flying about but a large swell was waiting for us in the open ocean.

I spent all day sorting out email issues and computer setup issues and felt a bit green after a few hours sitting behind a computer and had to have a nanny nap. I am determined not to take any sea sick pills. Finally I got time to setup my own computer and sent & received and email from Putu and discovered I have lost my shorts and water bottle somewhere. (Wish I had brought my crocks) Went to bed at 21:00 in rough conditions and didn’t wake till 08:00. (Kaldyn and many others are very sick). Not getting dark till about 22:00.
@ 09:00 UTC
Speed 11.5 knots
Heading west
Roll 3 degree
Pitch 4 degree
Depth 2500 meters
Water temp 14.25 degree
Air temp 11.5 degree
Wind SW @ 17.5 knots
Lon 143.72E & Lat 45.75S

Me & Putu moments before departure at Self Point security gate

Off I go

Self Point was a terrible place to depart from, but we couldn't moor at Hobart because two cruise ships were in port. All our friends and family's waving from the Self Point security gate.

All aboard !!
Aurora Australis sailing under the Tasman bridge

Putu, Kaldyn's mum & girl friend & Trent's girl friend Caroline all waving good bye.
That's Putu on the far left.
It was a spectacular scene as we sailed past Hobart with two huge cruise ship in port.

 The Aurora Australis sailing out of view
The last lonely wind swept piece of Australia

1 comment:

  1. we never said good bye .......
    we only say see you later .........
    it was sad day !
    hope you gain something from being away from all of us
    have fun and don't too hard .
    stay safe and don't be reckless

    love you heaps

    putu x