Friday, 25 January 2013

Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th January 2013

Wednesday 9th January 2013

Putu arrived in Hobart while I was attending pre-departure training.

Thursday 10th January 2013

I was doing more pre-departure training while Putu went for a 30km walk. In the evening I gave Putu a tour aboard the Aurora Australis while I was working aboard the ship.

Putu on the bridge of the Aurora Australis 

Friday 11th January 2013

In the morning I took Putu for a tour of the Australian Antarctic Division headquarters where she had fun dressing up as an expeditioner and looking at all the exhibits.

On the way back from Kingston I had to have another blood test. At 11:30 we met with Margret & Clair Streten (Wife & daughter of Neil Streten) and George Cresswell for a cupper & cake at Dome coffee shop. Neil & George were Bill Kellas’s (My step father) best mates during his stay at Mawson station in 1960.

My visit with Margret Streten (Wife of Neil Streten) and George Cresswell

 After this, we met up with John & Chris Storey. I worked with John in Karratha and it was great to catch up with them again. We had a nice lunch together and a few drinks.
John & Craig

 Later I went shopping and bought some more camera equipment then off home for a nanny nap. At 17:00 we went down to Rektango’s for a few beers and latter we had dinner with Trent and his lovely girlfriend Caroline.

 All the crew at Rektango’s
Saturday 12th January 2013

In the morning I went to Macquarie wharf to weigh and drop off my entire personal luggage. I was aloud a maximum of 30kg with no more than 15kg per item. This was loaded on board the ship along with my survival kit and PPE bag.

0950 - 1000 All passengers will be guided to the vessel by an AAD Shipping Representative
1000 - 1005 Welcome – Shipping Manager – Bridget Payne
1005 - 1010 Voyage Outline – Voyage Leader, Tony Foy
1010 - 1030 Medical Briefing – Polar Medicine Section
1030 - 1050 Ship Safety Video “More than a Passenger”
1050 - 1145 Master’s Safety Briefing and safety muster on board the Aurora Australis, compulsory for all departing passengers.

Once again I had to work on the ship but had the afternoon free to spend with Putu at Salamanca market where I bought two extra hats. (Can’t have enough hats) We had a real crappy dinner and chatted late into the night. We went to sleep about 02:00.
Shopping for hats

The Fenner - Hayhow tribe seeing me off at Perth airport 06/01/2013
Jade  -  Sarah  -  Iyan  -  Putu  -  Jackson
Even Dougie Mawson came to see me off !!
Nice bloke, but very quiet.

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