Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday 4th April 2014

Another great day of flying with lots achieved. At the completion of operations yesterday, our discharge/back loading stats was as follows:

- 36 ship to shore flights conducted

- 31,119kg of cargo transferred ashore

- 3,084kg of Priority 2 RTA now stowed on the vessel

- All of the remaining containerised SAB has now been transferred ashore

- 3 passengers were brought back to the vessel

Statistics wise, here’s where we are at:

- 100% of Priority 1.1 cargo discharged

- 100% of Priority 1.2 cargo discharged

- 99% of Priority 1.3 cargo discharged

- 100% of the IBCs that contain SAB have been discharged from the vessel

Due to the different sizes of IBCs we had, this equates to 47,048L of SAB delivered to station;

- 100% of Priority 1 RTA cargo stowed on the vessel

- 100% of Priority 2 RTA cargo stowed on the vessel

- 14 of the 15 2013 winterers are on the ship now

There’ll be no flying today as it’s pretty much a whiteout outside and the wind is blowing about thirty knots with lots of blowing snow. I spent pretty much all day on the radio working plenty of stations on 10 m all around the world including a few nice chats with South African stations, Dave in Albany and even Don before he got called away to light the BBQ.

Its freezing cold inside today and I have a doona stuffed into my port hole as insulation. I can’t wait to get back home and lay back in my spa with a nice cold beer. I’m doing a lot of reading too and really enjoying it.

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