Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thursday 3rd April 2014

I left the curtains open last night so I would gradually wake up when the sun came up but I didn't wake up till about ten o’clock. I decided to clean my porthole window and it was about minus twenty five outside and a bit windy and by the time I had finished I had frostbite in my fingers and all my hair and beard was frozen. At least I can see a bit better now.

I spent the day chatting to people on the radio and catching up with Luc who flew out today. Yesterday we made great progress and we managed to get another 33 ship to shore flights in which moved 25,154kg of cargo ashore. At the completion of operations yesterday, our discharge/back loading stats was as follows:

- 100% of Priority 1.1 cargo now discharged

- 96% of Priority 1.2 cargo now discharged

- 83% of all Priority 1.3 cargo now discharged

In total, 93% of all Priority 1 cargo has been discharged from the vessel

100% of all Priority 1 RTA cargo is now safely stowed on the ship.

That means that all my personal gear is now on board, so I am happy.

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