Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday 11th March 2013

It was a public holiday today so I got to have another sleep in. I got up about ten o’clock had a shower and wandered out for breakfast. After breaky I wandered down the hill to do the APANSA filter change and then down to the transmitter building to make a few software changes that were keeping me awake all night. I wish I had an on/off switch. I made a few changes and got the last couple of remaining issues resolved and then I installed all the Rf grounding between all pieces of equipment and then went on air and to test the station picked up Steve in Victoria who was nice enough to spend a bit of time with me giving me audio checks and testing my amp for RF feedback. All was good so I was very happy. For the next couple of hours I made about twenty contacts and had quite a few good chats but the weather outside was perfect and I knew I should be outside doing all the things that need to be done before winter comes.

I ran three twenty meter cables and then wandered up the hill to the lay down area looking for a good thick walled length of water pipe for a small antenna mast and eventually found what I was looking for and then over to the plumbers lay down area for a cut off piece of large diameter copper pipe to make a sea water ground connection for the seventy meter tower. On the walk back with this piece of copper pipe I had to pass an Adele penguin that was molting and the bloody thing had a go at me. It scared the hell me as it charged in and pecked my leg. I totally wasn’t expecting that.
By this time it was dinner time and as I skipped lunch I was feeling a little peckish so I headed back to the red shed for a feed. I cooked up some magnificent HCT toasties and then wandered back to my room to update my Blog and later on headed up to the catabatic bar for a couple of king browns.  
Evil Adele penguin


  1. G'day Craig
    No wonder the little bugga attacked you, look at the eyes, she's been on the turps all night.
    Cheers Brian

  2. Hi Craig, Steffen Himsel is good again back in Germany. He will write to soon on blogspot to you. Best regards to all of Mawson from Christoph