Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday 3rd March 2013

I woke at 10:30 after a great sleep, had a shower and washed all my cloths, linen and vacuumed the room and cleaned my bathroom. By then it was lunch time and after lunch I read my Emails and updated my Blog. I went out about three o'clock after the catabatic wind had died down and had a look around and later built the base for my portable 6m yagi tower. This will mount into an open 44 gallon drum that will be filled with rocks Antarctic style and then guyed.

After this I went back to the red shed and cooked up toasties for dinner and sat with the guys up stairs and watched some killer whales off in the distance over a beer and later I retired to my room to finish updating my Blog.

By the way, if you have nothing better to do then have a read of Icy news (This week at Mawson) on the AAD Web site and click on "Mawson" on the map of Antarctica then click on "This week at Mawson" as the 1st March 2013 is my story. Every week three of us has to write a story to submit to Icy news.

West arm ice cliffs


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  1. Reading your comments make me reliase how quick the year is going!PC