Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday 27th March 2013

I worked my guts out today running around this morning gathering information for the engineers in Kingston, making up cables and all afternoon I worked on the orange Hag completing it in time for dinner. I still have to program the radio as the cheeky buggers sent it down un-programmed. That means we'll have two Hag's available to take out over the long Easter weekend.

My works program for the year came through today, so we are going to be quite busy if we are going to complete every thing. My room is very comfortable now as well as my humidifier, some time ago I scored a small automatic room heater, so my room is constant temperature while all the others are cold and dry. My polar fingers are coming good too as I have to rub lanolin on my feet and hands every morning to stop them drying out and cracking.

Tonight I helped Luc with his custom designed electronic quiz show machine. It has up to four buttons and a master controller which shows who pressed their button first. Once finished we will have a weekly quiz night which should be good fun. I had a check up with the doctor today and all is fine with very good blood pressure.

I came across this post on the Internet last night;

Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:10 pm

What are the chances of Aurora signals from VK0RTM?
On very rare occasions the glow of the Aurora Australis has been
visible from Port Elizabeth (34 degrees south) low down on the
southern horizon. In view of this Gordon , at East
London and I in Port Elizabeth conducted a series of nightly Aurora
tests. We were beaming at the magnetic south pole around midnight on
50 MHz CW; the tests lasted for a month during the period that a
magnetic storm was present. Every night we picked up meteor signals
from each other, but on a few occasions we heard some strange CW
signals with a very rough tone and distortion. Could this have been
Aurora-enhanced Meteor Scatter? Hopefully VK0RTM at Mawson on Mac
Robertson Island, Antarctica will provide the answer


Seems like people are making use of my propagation beacon already !!
Lets hope they have some success.

Today was Samantha's birthday. Happy birthday Samantha.

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