Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday 19th April 2014

Voyage 6, Aurora Australis RTA Hobart Saturday 19 April 2014

Passenger Disembarkation Program

(Please note timings are subject to change)

All Passengers bags to be lined up in the Tween deck prior to coming alongside

  • 1230 Vessel berthed alongside Macquarie No 3 Wharf, Hobart
  • 1245 Customs/Quarantine Clearance - all passengers to report to the E Deck conference room for Customs Clearance. Once cleared by Customs passengers to proceed to the port side mess for Quarantine clearance of baggage.
Upon Clearance Passenger disembark the vessel and transit to Macquarie No 2 Cruise Ship Terminal to meet family and friends and for the Arrival Ceremony/badge presentation. Passengers are to disembark as one group (AAD Shipping representatives will escort all passengers off the vessel once final clearance from Customs/Quarantine). Passengers may carry a day pack down the gangway but must have two hands free to hold the gangway.
  • 1400 (approx.) AAD Arrival Ceremony and badge presentation conducted inside Macquarie No 2 Cruise Ship Terminal.
Passenger cabin baggage will be slung off the vessel during the ceremony and will be available for collection inside the Macquarie No 2 CBC (Cargo Biosecurity Centre) main entrance at the completion of the Arrival Ceremony. There will be no access to the Secure Wharf area, there will be no vehicles allowed on the Secure Wharf area. The Macquarie No 2 Cruise Ship Terminal will be open from 12 noon for the use of family and friends.

Welcome home
Before & after
Life back to normal

By now I should be back on Terra Australis, paying for my own coffee and sleeping in a non-rolling bed. I’m not too sure what my plans are yet? I might hang around Hobart for three or four days sight-seeing or head off on Sunday for a few nights in Victoria. It just depends which way the wind blows. After a few nights in Victoria I will fly back home to Perth. When back in Perth I will update the blog pages from Mawson to Hobart with some photos taken during the voyage and also some of the Arrival Ceremony in Hobart and then that’s it, the end of My Antarctic Adventure.

“Thanks for coming”

~ Craig ~

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, then maybe you would enjoy reading about my latest adventures, sailing my yacht from Perth Western Australia up the west coast of Australia to the Kimberly, one of the remotest and most beautiful places in the world. 

From the Kimberly, I head up to Darwin then on up to Indonesia to scuba dive at one of the most beautiful places in the world - Raja Ampat.

Sirocco Sailing Adventures


  1. Can't wait to give you a Mum.xx

  2. Yer back home forever x x

  3. Welcome home Craig. Loved following your adventure. You are one lucky bugger!!!

  4. Hi Craig, would love to catch up re: your adventure for Wild magazine! wild[at]primecreative[dot]com[dot]au

  5. hey, would like to say I really enjoyed reading your blog and life experience. somehow find this blog when I googled big sea spider haha.

    and I just want to say thank you for sharing your stories and all the beautiful images. I wish you the best wherever you are Craig. from some random person on dutch internet.