Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wednesday 6th March 2013

Not much to report today. Helped the Doc out with a few issues getting some of his equipment on line, did my APANSA filter change, took a few snaps in the old magnetic observation shack for Rober Merrick. (Circa 1950’s) I assembled my portable mast for my 6m antenna and found it to be totally useless. They sold me the wrong type and there is no way it would hold up in a blizzard so I will have to make my own out of a length of water pipe and hope for the best. It was bloody freezing all day today, about minus ten and 20 knot winds. I just felt cold all day. I also have software problems with my Flex and because the network is so slow it’s taking 12 hours to down load the latest revision software on my iphone. Nothing is easy down here. On a lighter note, my friend the elephant seal decided to lie on the small equipment table for the hospital and squashed it flat. So much for that, RTA. Last I saw him he was we hanging out between a couple of containers.


  1. Checking out your best pics :)


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