Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday 14th February 2014

Today was Helens birthday and yesterday we made her a happy birthday photo with my old sign and she really appreciated the thought. I had two job interviews today so I spent a couple of hours in the morning doing a bit of research and brushing up on the technical side and trying to get myself prepared.

The first one went pretty well but they caught me out on a few curly technical questions which was a little embarrassing but that's the way she goes. I have now been shortlisted with two other guys and I guess I will hear back from them next week. The second one was more of a first stage informal chat and it looks like I will have a more in-depth interview next week. After lunch I spent most of the time catching up on all my emails and also did some more work on the signs I am going to put up in all the old huts.

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