Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday 10th February 2014

Today was a public holiday in Hobart for Regatta day so we had the day off but the sad thing was some of us weren't told about it and I only found out about it just before lunch. In the morning I worked on my annual report and also did the ARPANSA filter change. At lunchtime there wasn't a skerrick of food to be found and I was craving some spicy food so I whipped up a couple of bowls of super spicy fried rice. It was really delicious and I saved the second bowl for dinner.

After lunch I went back to the office to sort a few more things out and then I went down to the transmitter building to check out the conditions on air. Conditions were very poor due to a large magnetic storm. I managed to make a few call and then I got a phone call from Luc to say he was putting on a few documentaries in the cinema if I wanted to come along. Keeping in with the spirit of Regatta day I cracked a bottle of champagne and got settled into a movie matinee.

Where the sea ice had degraded or melted out has now re-frozen to a depth of around thirty centimetres and the ice is already rafting up on the shore line.

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