Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday 1st February 2014

This morning I had a huge pile of washing to get done. For Saturday duties I had to sort out books and magazines in the library and I also spent a fair bit of time cleaning both my room and also my spare room. I had a sked with Don at two thirty but conditions were not so good. I had a great copy of him but he had trouble hearing me. I hung around for a couple of hours but things didn't improve much. After dinner I watched a few documentaries with Luc.

The sea is still frozen out to a distance of 30 miles and then there is heavy pack ice out another 20 miles. Nothing much has changed, The Aurora Australis is now heading to Casey and is planning on arriving at Mawson via Davis station on the 24th. If the Aurora Australis is unable to reach us it will return to Hobart and attempt to extract us some time in March using helicopters.

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