Saturday, 15 February 2014

Saturday 15th February 2014

Today it was blowing the clappers. The wind was gusting sixty knots with blowing snow. There is a chance a few days of strong wind might blow out the sea ice that is trapping us and there are a couple of leads inshore that have opened up so far. For my Saturday duties I cleaned and vacuumed the upper corridors of the red shed, did some washing and went and made myself something to eat.

It was so crappy outside I spent most of the day in my room catching up on my blog and then in the late afternoon I ventured out and went down to the transmitter building. Propagation today was off the dial and there were many stations on ten meters so I spent the afternoon working a huge pile up with stations from Europe, South America, USA and central Asia. Tonight was a few documentaries in the cinema washed down with my second last bottle of red wine.


  1. Hi Craig
    Sounds like things are getting a bit grim - the last pie, the last bottle, 60 mouldy onions between everyone...
    Can you post a comment about how well your collective/personal grog supply has lasted? I know you're able to brew beer, but how difficult has it been to cater for wine/spirits over a whole year? How does the system work? Has anyone run out (what a disaster that could be!)
    I can see your weather is settling in for a good blow over the next couple of days - hope it moves the ice from the harbour...

  2. Hi Peter,

    My personal grog supply has completely dried up and I now have to rely on home brew for my government regulated two standard drinks per day. It has been blowing for the past few days and will continue for the rest of the week. A small area of sea ice blew out today in Kista strait, but there is still 70 miles of ice out to the open sea. If they can't get to us in the next couple of days the ship will leave for Hobart and try again next month.