Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tuesday 25th February 2014

The day started off very cold and windy with the air temperature down to -10c and a 20 knot katabatic blowing. I spent the morning setting up a new web camera for on the roof of the operations building that will be very useful for helicopter operations during resupply. I have replaced this camera twice already this year as they keep failing due to the cold and static electricity from blizzards. This camera is a different type so I hope it will be reliable. The camera turned out to be a real mongrel to setup but I finally got it working okay.
After lunch I climbed up on the roof to see what sort of bracket I will have to makeup to install the camera onto the rotator. Unfortunately some Muppet had installed the cable through a hole in the bracket and then terminated the connector so I couldn’t remove it, so I had to take some dimensions and I will have to make up another bracket to bolt onto the existing bracket. Making up this new bracket took up most of the afternoon and I will have a go at installing it tomorrow if the weather is good.

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