Monday, 3 February 2014

Monday 3rd February 2014

This morning after going through all my emails, I did ARPANSA then after smoko I went down to the chippies workshop and painted my ice axe handle again and then back in the office I started work on our year book which I have been putting off all year.

This is going to be a huge job and I spent the rest of the day on it. First I have to pick my best one hundred photos out of 11,000 photos and them out of these photos, pick about ten for my profile page, some for team comms, some for ARPANSA, some for geo-mag, some for training, some for landscapes, animals etc etc. Next I have to write a personal profile of myself, write a section on comms, a section on ARPANSA, a section on geo-mag and a section on Mawson history etc etc.

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