Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday 2nd February 2014

After lunch today I went down to the trade's workshop and finished the head of my ice axe. I had to silver solder a threaded rod onto the head which screws into the handle. After this I went over to the chippies workshop and painted the handle with a wood sealer. Later after a long walk I went down to the transmitter building and made a few contacts with my radio, but conditions were not so good once again. After a toasted sandwich for dinner I watched coast and a then Jose put on a movie. I couldn't get to sleep, so around 11pm I went down to the shack for a couple of hours. Conditions were really good and I made dozens of contacts into Europe.


  1. Hi Craig
    You've lost a month there in your blog headings - 2nd Jan??!
    Well done for your birthday greetings for Putu - does that mean you have to climb the wind turbine to change/reset the camera?
    I've seen the yearbook for the 2011 team, and its fabulous. No doubt yours will be the same - hard work to put together, but great to read.

  2. Thanks Peter,

    It's easy to loose a month or two down here. Luckily the camera is remote controlled. The the year book will be great to look back on but yes they are a lot of hard work.