Friday, 22 February 2013

Monday 18th February 2013

The day was rather uneventful. I programmed all the pagers and made a data base of all on station and sorted out a few other issues. After wasting a lot of time looking through all the menu settings on the ANARESAT equipment trying to do my weekly checks, I decided to write up a cheat sheet to make it easy for us and for the next technicians to come along. After work I assembled my linear amplifier in the transmitter hut and connected it up and tested it out. All was working fine and so far none of my gear has been damaged on the trip down. I made contact with a few stations including England, South Africa and the USA so the antenna I am using is performing very well. I didn’t get to sleep till about one thirty.

Hospital laboratory

The dental room
Resuscitation bay
Medication room
Medication and surgical supplies
Operating theatre
Surgical equipment
Portable Xray machine - my job
Hospital ward

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  1. Thanks for giving us a virtual tour of your workplace! It’s great to know all systems and equipment are working well in the hospital. It’s looks like a nice place, btw. I hope you have more idle time, since that means less people need medical attention, right? Haha! Have a good day!

    Kathy West @ UsedStryker