Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Saturday 9th February 2013

Today was another very busy day of more handover stuff. In the evening I went for a walk over to West arm and took a lot of photos of the ship moored up in the harbor. During the walk I saw lots of Adelie penguins and Weddell seals. The Adelie penguins are so cute and have so much character. The Weddell seals are so lazy and only lift one eye lid and then go back to sleep. Lots of the Adelie penguins are molting at the moment and are all around the station. When you came across them you get a shock at first, they get a little scared or stressed if you get too close, but they don't run away. Often they will walk up to you just to see what's going on.

While out on West arm I visited the three graves of Robert White, Ken Wilson & Geoff Cameron. All three men died on active duty at Mawson and their body's are buried under the rocks. It's a stark reminder of how dangerous it can be down here and we can all see these three crosses from the windows of the red shed. The fourth grave contains the ashes and is a monument for Phillip Law (and his wife) who selected the site for Mawson station in 1954.

How's that for timing !

The original hanger from 1960 

It's Mawson, It's my home

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  1. nice photos !!!
    look very calm to me .. i cant believe can turn into 60 knots blizard !!

    I love those " Its home its mawson"!!
    I love all the photos but NOT those three grave .. scary !
    seal look like having great fun .