Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sunday 10th February 2013

Today was another very busy day of more handover stuff. In the afternoon I walked all over East arm with Hendo looking at the various antennas. Out here we have two serviceable terminated triangle antennas. There is a tandem delta that is completely trashed and we lack the necessary spares to rebuild this antenna. There is also the remains of a conical mono-pole that has been completely stripped. I might be able to run out some ground radials and fire this antenna up on the low bands. During a blizzard the sea spray here clings to the antenna wires building up until the weight breaks all the wires. There are also the remains of a non-directional aircraft beacon. The tower is in fine condition. IPS also has two receive antennas and one transmitting quad delta for ionosphere predictions. 

The most exciting thing today was receiving all our grog and loading it into fort Knox. We also unpacked the small half container containing all our personal goods. The hard bit was lugging it all up to the red shed and squashing it into out tiny little temporary rooms.

Can anybody read what is painted on the huge rock ?

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