Friday, 22 February 2013

Sunday 17th February 2013

Today I slept in again and it was great. I spent most of the afternoon doing washing. When everybody left after the resupply they left behind all their bed linen, towels etc and it will take weeks to wash and dry it all and then fold it and put it away, so we do a bit here and there. Later I carried all my radio equipment from the operations building down to the transmitter building. It was a huge job and my back was pretty sore when I finished. After dinner I assembled all my radio gear and I was amazed how well it was working. The noise floor is very quiet down here and I can pick up stations all over the world very easy. Some of the stations heard were, Perth, Melbourne, USA, Germany, Italy, Russia, a ship in the Indian Ocean & India just to name a few.

My friend the elephant seal was still outside the red shed after the bliz with ice all over his face. The whole place has been transformed after the bliz with white dry powder snow all over the hills and bliz trails behind every building. You have to make sure you don’t leave any doors or windows open as just the slightest crack or hole will let tones of snow in and fill a room or car in no time. Any loose items will be blown away also.

My bedroom
The cinema
The dog room
The dog room. Memorabilia from the husky days.
 The dog room
The entrance to the red shed


  1. room is small but is not bad actually very good for antartica

  2. I think it's fine.
    I wanted another room only because it had a nice view, but mine is in a very quiet location.