Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday 26th February 2013

We were going to go berging in the boats last night but on the advice of Luc (Bom) we decided not to go, pity as there was no wind all night. Today is very windy (40 knots) and after taking the weekly ANARE readings I decided to clean both the ANARE equipment room and radome. There is so much crap lying around this place, it’s like it’s been run by hoarders for the past twenty years. Just lazy people I guess. Any way by the time I leave this place every building will be neat and tidy and anything not being used or required will be sent back to Hobart. On a totally different note, my health is much better now. My $42 humidifier was the best investment, I haven't had a blood nose for a couple of weeks now and since I have been putting cream on my feet all the painful cracks have gone.

The Rosella building (Carpenters workshop) make from left over materials

One of our two wind turbines

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  1. Bummer babe .. is always next time ?
    how come you cleaning whole please and left me to do cleaning at home??
    good training ready for when you get home , i guess :)