Friday, 22 February 2013

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Trent was a no show today !

Today I made some cleaning rosters, telephone lists and radio procedure cheat sheets and also labelled a lot of things in the transmitter building, and then I programmed all the user folders on the server and archived all last season’s data. I also cleaned up all the rubbish in the operations building and bagged it up for the gash run on Saturday. John, Pete L, Justin and Lloyd came back from the plateau about two o’clock and had a great time and good weather.
As a blizzard is forecast for tomorrow, I also went outside and cleaned up all out cable drums and got rid of loose material. After lunch I prepared fifty meters of cable for the cosray tower antennas and carted a heap of equipment up the hill to the cosray hut. I ran the cable up the tower and tied it in position and once again my fingers were very painful and weak in the cold. I routed the cable back into the cosray hut and terminated it and installed the radio equipment and power supply and had the system operational by five o’clock ready to knock off. The sky is very overcast but no sign of a blizzard yet. I am very tired tonight so I might have a couple of beers and go to bed early. I ended up watching some Johnny Dep movie with Keldyn about vampires that was very good.
The mess




  1. how 's the very expensive coffee machine ?

  2. The coffee machine is great !!
    Only one a day for me though