Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday 10th August 2013

This morning when I woke I could hear a raging blizzard outside so I just went back to sleep. I woke up gradually and just relaxed with the sun shining through the window, later rolling out of bed and reading the news on the computer, answering some emails then off for a shower. It's so nice to have a free day to do what I WANT without a worry in the world. I don't even have to do the gash run because of the blizzard.

I heated up a bit of last nights pizza and washed it down with a coffee then decided to head down to the ham shack for the day. I was a refreshing stroll down to the transmitter building in fifty knot winds and zero visibility but I am so used to it now I can do it with my eyes shut. The worst bit is that tiny little bit of uncovered skin you always seem to end up with that burns like hell till you get back into shelter.

Propagation was excellent and strait away I picked up my neighbour Ken in Perth and we had a good chat for a while, then I had a chat with a guy in Victoria and then my old mate Mark from Perth who I haven't heard for about thirteen years game me a call. He was sitting in his car having a sun downer on Cable beach in Broome the lucky bugger where he now lives. I was great to catch up after so long. After Mark faded out I had a chat with a few America stations before calling it quits.

I wandered back to the green store for a spar and read my book for an hour, had a shower and then wandered up to the red shed for dinner. After the obligatory after dinner chat most of us adjourned to Klub Katabatic for a little socialising and unwinding after such a hectic day.

The lawn bowls got rolled out again and once more I cleaned up so it looks like I'm going to be a pensioner to be reckoned with. This might have had something to do with the Sambooka and CSCB shots that were going down at a great rate. Any way all was going well and some how Keldyn got gaffer taped to his chair while watching Red Dwarf and apparently I fell asleep during the second episode and I woke up suddenly with what seemed to be a bucket full of million year old icy cold Antarctic glacial water landing on my head. Gee, that was refreshing J, funny how when I looked around everyone had gone off to sleep, so I figured I should too.

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