Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wednesday 7th August 2013

This morning was very windy, overcast and blowing snow, not exactly what was forecasted and it doesn't look good for going to Auster tomorrow. As usual I spent most of the morning sorting through all my emails then I had a go at setting up Bria for Cookies iPhone. All when well for a while then the system locked up, so I will have to speak to the engineers in Kingston to see what the problem is.

After lunch I decided to make up a bracket for the blue Hagglunds Q-Mac HF-90 radio. I have been putting this job off for ages as I was hoping to get sent the correct bracket from Kingston, but they said they don't have any and for me to make one. Well it might sound easy, but we don't have a lot of materials down here and this radio's case is extruded aluminium and has no mounting holes for a mounting bracket. Anyway I came up with what I thought was a good robust and simple idea but it took many hours just to make up and I will have to wait till tomorrow to install it.

Afterwards I gave the workshop a bit of a clean up as it was getting way out of hand. This is the last area I haven't yet tackled and it is hurting my eyes. Before I knocked off I made up some signs for two of the new UPS's and an instruction sign for the video conference in the bar.

For the peoples night tonight we watched all the Antarctic short films to vote on whose is best. There some fantastic ones and some really really bad ones. Ours was not too bad, but not in the winning category. Luc also showed us footage he took with his go pro 400 meters up attached to a weather balloon.

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