Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday 24th August 2013

Today I slept in very late and after making a coffee and some brunch I decided to do my Saturday duties which was cleaning and vacuuming the cinema and dog room, and while I was in cleaning mode I also decided to clean my room and bath room and also to do all my washing and change my sheets.

By about four thirty I was buggered and decided to sooth my aching bones by having a spa. I got myself organised and walked down to the green store only to find the spa turned off and leaking water everywhere so I spent the next hour and a half finding out where the leak was coming from. Water was coming out of the ozone generator drain so I think it had been over filled. Tonight for dinner John cooked lasagna and later Keldyn & Chris went to Bechervaise Island for the night. After dinner I watched Fleetwood Mac in concert in the cinema and then I watched movies The beach and Machete.

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