Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday 14th August 2013

Today I did a bit of everything. After I got through my usual routine of emails and phone calls, changing the ARPANSA filter I had to replace and re program a faulty telephone and then check out the PC in the green store. The hard drive on this PC has suffered a melt down and needs to be replaced and the PC rebuilt. I can't believe all the hard discs we have gone through this year. I also spent quite a bit of time making a portable start battery for the quads. It's insulated, padded and inside a wooden box with a carry handle to be taken out into the field and used to jump start a quad when it won't start due to extreme conditions.

Tonight at peoples night I showed a heap of photos of ice sculptures in Yuzhno on Sakhalin Island where I used to work as well as some general interest snaps. Lloyd put on a time laps film of the sea ice breaking out of Horse Shoe Harbour here at Mawson last year which was very interesting.

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