Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday 3rd August 2013

Again the weather was perfect today, -28c and no wind. Pete L, Pete C and Cliff headed off to Auster rookery for the weekend. I tried to organise a trip out to Bechevaise Island for the night just to get away and do some exploring around the Islands while the weather was so good but unfortunately no one was interested. There is an inter station 48 hour film festable going on and quite a few blokes are messing around with that.

Reluctantly I stayed in my room and forced myself to get through a back log of emails that have accumulated and got out of hand over the past week or two. With that out of the way I went down to the ham shack in the afternoon and made a dozen or so contacts using the very sensitive terrestrial digital mode JT65A. After dinner I took a bottle of Champaign and my book down to the red shed and had a lovely relaxing spa for an hour and a half and then read my book till late in the night.
Smoke from the main power house going straight up
Magnificent sun rises happening regularly

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