Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday 11th August 2013

Well today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Woke up, blizzard still raging, read the news, had a coffee, warmed up some old crusty pizza then wandered down to the ham shack for the afternoon. Once again propagation was excellent and the first thing I came across was a SSTV (slow scan TV) competition happening in Japan. I sent a few of the pictures from Antarctica which should boost their points off the dial. I also exchanged some photos with a station in the USA. That's pretty good going and very unique from Antarctica.

Then I heard a very strong Olivia signal (key board to key board digital mode) which is my favourite digital mode. This guy was an expatriate in Taiwan and we had a good chat for a while. After this I switched to JT65-HF which is another digital mode that is the most sensitive. There were many stations coming through very strong and I made contact with quite a few before I got bored with the slow speed.

By now I had had enough, so I wandered over to the green store for a spa and to read my book. After this I went back to the red shed and scrounged up a bit of tucker to chew on, then wandered up stairs to find a movie playing in the cinema. It was "The Thing 2" so I grabbed a beer and sat down to watch it. These movies (both 1 & 2) are about a UFO  being discovered in Antarctica and the alien gets loose and runs amok. Pretty good movies, but every expeditioner has a flame thrower, flares and a box of hand grenades. What I want to know is WHERE OUR OURS?
Either we are being ripped off or our station leader is holding back on us........Hmmm.

This is all we have if get attacked by aliens


  1. Just wondering Craig, is it the same book you were reading last month.?Mum.x

  2. Craig, you must know all comms geeks from around the world by there first name now.hehe

  3. No, onto my fith book now

    Lets just say, most of them know me now!