Monday, 2 September 2013

Monday 2nd September 2013

It was a beautiful day today without a cloud in the sky but it was bitterly cold being minus twenty four degrees and the wind blowing twenty two knots.This morning was spent writing my monthly report and tidying off a few things like the tide gauge gear, having a bit of a cleanup and chipping away at the comms audit. Chris, Cookie and Trent are heading off to Fang for a couple of days and Darron and Keldyn are heading off to Auster for a couple of days. After work I spent a bit of time looking at my dead power supply. I discovered both regulator power transistors are blown but lucky I have some to replace them with. Hopefully that is all, the driver transistor checks fine leaving only one other transistor that I haven't checked yet. I will replace these transistors tomorrow and see how it goes. Last night there was a fantastic aurora that seemed to be going all night every time I looked out the window. I thought about going out to photograph it but I was just too tired and my bed seemed so warm and comfy.

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