Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday 21st September 2013

Today was time for a sleep in and a bit of relaxation. I did a couple of loads of washing and sorted a few things out. I spent most of the day down loading photos and writing up my blog. Keldyn had his first day practicing to drive the loader today moving snow and ice about as he will need to be proficient by the time of resupply. Listening to the radio he couldn't open the door to get out, and Geoff said just open the bloody door but little did they know the warmer weather we have been experiencing had melted all the snow inside the door and turned to ice in the door lock mechanism. After an hour or so, Geoff managed to get him back out using a crow bar.

It was October beer festable tonight and Trent (and a few helpers) went to a lot of trouble brewing many different types of beer and roasting a pig on the spit. At three o’clock the mare of Mawson made a speech and cracked the first beer to kick off the calibrations. It turned out to be a great night and one we won’t forget. Some of the highlights were Luc and Keldyn doing the chicken dance and Chris and Luc comparing each other’s guts to see who has the biggest gut. Somehow nothing got broken and no animals were injured but there will be a few sore heads tomorrow.

Luc and Keldyn doing the chicken dance

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