Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday 14th September 2013

Well this weekend is looking pretty ordinary with overcast skies and windy. I had a nice sleep in and a bit of relaxing time in my room reading the news and checking out emails etc. Finally I dragged myself out and went and got a coffee and something to eat. After that I went down to the radio shack to see what was happening and there was a bit of a radio black out due to the current magnetic disturbance caused by a coronal mass injection of charged particles from the sun.

I still managed to have a chat with John using Olivia. Olivia is an extremely sensitive digital modulation scheme that allows for keyboard to keyboard operation. It's a bit like being in a chat room. At about three thirty I met with Keldyn at the spa and we moved it away from the wall and refilled it to look for leaks. Keldyn did some clean up while I was looking for leaks and eventually I found one and had to go down to the plumbers workshop to find a ball valve so I could isolate the leak. All fixed and I filled it up and cleaned up the spilt water. Hopefully I will be able to have a spa next week.
After dinner I watched the last episode of Nuclear Secrets and a couple of other short documentaries then had an early night.

Some of the trailers we have

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