Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thursday 12th September 2013

Today was a lovely day with little wind so John, Keldyn and Lloyd went to the Russian aircraft while I went back to cleaning the workshop. Just before lunch went down to the transmitter building and talked to Dick in Fiji also a bloke in the UK using Olivia and I also had a chat to two blokes in Spain on SSB. After lunch I helped Troy with testing and tagging in the transmitter hut.

The power went off some time after four and then our UPS died just moments before the power came back on so we lost all our servers and it took the rest of the afternoon trying to get everything back on line once again. It turns out one of our battery banks was not connected. We only got the paging system operational shortly after seven. Chris, Cliff, Peter L and Peter C returned from Macey hut and had a great time up there as the weather they said was really good.

The foreign movie was Charlie and Boots followed which every body likes and latter on we watched two episodes of Trailer park boys which has us rolling on the floor with laughter every time. Some of us are so addicted to this show we hang out for it all week.

The rock crusher

12 months of spare tucker in case the ship sinks and we get marooned for another year


  1. Hi Craig. When you say "talk to a guy in Fiji", is that ssb or a digital mode and what band. I want to listen out for you. Still setting up the station so can't transmit yet till i finish the power supply. Still loving the blog.

  2. Hi Chris,

    That day I was using a digital mode called Olivia. There is a community that operate on 14.106 (500/32). You can down load the software for free and use your computers sound card to decode us chatting. My operation times tend to be random, but I usually post on VKLogger when I'm on air.