Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saturday 28th September 2013

Today, after a very windy night we woke up to a very windy day with very poor visibility and lots of blowing snow. We were basically confined to the hut and there was nothing we could do but sit it out. Luckily we bought heaps of magazines and books to keep us entertained should this situation arise, but after a while the cramped conditions inside the hut, wearing all your polar clothing and the ice and melt water inside the hut began to take its toll and eventually Jeremy headed off to the RMIT van for some time out and a nanny nap wile I headed outside to try and get a weather report from Mawson.

I made contact with the station and the next few days weather looked like improving which made me feel better. After the radio sked I climbed up the very high hill near the hut to check things out. Visibility was so bad I could hardly see a thing so I body surfed all the way back down which was real fun, but I didn't have the energy to climb all the way back up again to do it again so I went back to the hut.

Eventually I got bored and retreated to the RMIT van for a nanny nap as well. I woke around dinner time and cooked up a bite to eat and then we cracked a few beers and watched a movie on Jeremy's laptop. I bet Scott and Mawson wished they had laptops !!

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