Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday 22nd February 2013

Well today started off with a little bit of drama. Chris was meant to go on three days field training with John, Keldyn and Peter C but for reasons only known to him he refused to go. When Cookie ordered him to go he went and saw the doctor to reason that Cookie refused to understand his reason. Any way I got asked to go in his place at short notice and while I was getting ready suddenly he was going as long as he took a satellite phone, so I unpacked and got on with my days work. In the end they didn’t leave station till 12:15 and without the satellite phone.

I printed all the news papers and after smoko I went up to the cosray tower to finish cable tying the antenna feeder, measured the transmitter power, installed a notice, cleaned up the beacon installation and left the spares in a cupboard. Lunch was leftover chicken legs then after I shot off a few Emails and started programming telephones and directories. After five, I took a heap of gear down to the transmitter building and there was six Adelei penguins sitting out the front. Apparently the old Elephant seal is back after the big bliz, but I haven't seen him yet. The boys called in on the 19:00 sked and all is going OK up there. Dinner was fish & chips and that’s about it.
The new VK0RTM 6m beacon



  1. Hi Craig, very interesting to hear the day to day activities. Just wish Bill could have seen the photos of your living quarters and entertainment and gym areas.Keep up the good blogs and keep those fingers and toea warm. They are the only ones you have. Mum.xx

  2. Mr Hayhow, good morning from Italy, my name is Paolo, 50 y.o. Many compliments for your expedition. You have a passion like me. Mine is collect sand/earth from every countries and territories. If you want to help me take on a film canister of earth. Don't damage anything, search a place in which there is nothing to damage. More about my hobby is on http:/

    Anyway good job and full your eyes of this Heaven

  3. Great read Craig what a trip

  4. Hi Paolo,
    Would like to help you but there is strict quarantine laws that prevent organic material being removed from Antarctica.

    1. Hi Craig, many thanks for your answer. I collect even earth, so I think it's possible to collect few grams if there is no organic material inside but I don't want to create some kind of problems. Even a little stone it could be enough
      Make your best, today is my 51's birthday and a few grams from Antartica would be my best gift for this year.
      My private mail is:

      Again many compliments for your expedition

  5. Fish and chips on Friday night !!
    The canteens on mine sites has that
    universal menu roster as well.
    Peter ...