Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday 12th April 2013

 Well last night’s movie was quite a hit with an interesting twist at the end. The debrief afterwards was quite extensive and has left me with a bit of a head ache today. The day was fairly uneventful and I spent most of the day either working on the blue Hag or looking for parts to install on the blue Hag.

Once again it is blowing about forty knots but in the late afternoon suddenly the wind unexpectedly dropped to zero so I raced out to East arm and installed another seven ground radials under the thirty four meter vertical antenna to try and improve its performance. This was very hard work and by dinner time I was exhausted.

After dinner the long awaited quiz night was scheduled for eight o’clock leaving little time to find a costume to wear. Instructions were to wear some thing flamboyant, have clean feet and to bring your ski goggles and balaclava??? There were some great outfits worn and the night was good fun with many laughs. Some of the questions and songs were very difficult but the high tech electronic quiz machine that the host Luc built worked well.

After the quiz we played a few games such as bursting balloons attached to our feet, gherkin on a string eating contest, getting marbles out of a tub of jelly with your toes and getting a piece of chocolate out of a bowl of flower and eating it without using your hands. My team won overall and we received a gold medal and a bottle of Han wood port. It was a good night and a fun social get together and most of all, a chance for the closet trannies to frock up.

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