Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday 10th April 2013

Terrible weather today, almost blizzard conditions and forty knots all day. After doing APANSA I spent quite a bit of time working on the blue Hag and having to walk back and forwards between the green store and the ops building. I got a HF antenna sorted for the orange Hag and the blue one. At one point I needed a soldering iron so I trudged back to the ops building and found a Weller in the draw and then trudged back over to the green store, turned it on and hey guess what; doesn’t work, (Someone had broken a pin off in the connector) so I trudged back over to the ops building, pulled it apart, found a similar connector and repaired it. Keldyn comes in for a chat and I put my feet up on some boxes left on the floor from resupply and for some reason I decided to open one and surprise surprise inside is a brand new soldering station. Hmmm, this place.

The best thing to happen was I found my blue polar fleece. After work I went down to the transmitter building as I had a 160m sched with Paul in Queensland and Rod in New Zealand. They could hear me quite well but I only got them a few times but too weak to decode their signals. We will try again early Sunday morning. I was late back for dinner (I hate having early dinner at 6pm) and worked late again on my Blog.

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