Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday 24th April 2013

Today I was determined to finish both the green and the blue hag's today and after breakfast I walked strait down to the Hag's parked down near the sea ice in minus twenty. I started up the green Hag to warm it up to drive it up to the green store and sat inside with the heater going in minus twenty. I thought I might as well warm up the blue Hag as I still had some work to do it and so I started it up then I went back to sit in the green Hag. After a couple of minutes I went back to hop inside the blue Hag and thought ah, that's funny I couldn’t see in through the windows as everyone of them was jet black, then I realised I didn’t open the exhaust hatch and the whole cabin had filled up with diesel exhaust fumes and eventually chocked the engine. I opened all four doors and let the thirty knot wind blow it all clear, but it did retain a bit of smell for a while. Oops J

I found and fixed the last remaining problem on the blue Hag. The radar was not working and I had thought this was from the extreme cold (-20c) but it turned out to be an RJ45 connector I had put on back the front using a dodgy diagram in the installation manual. I wonder how many other people have done the same thing?

I finally completed everything on the blue Hag. This vehicle has caused me so much grief and I have never experienced so many faults and problems like it before.

I repaired the wiring fault with the green Hag so the GPS and rate gyro compass were now working and then I tuned the HF antenna. I upgraded the MFD software, routes and way points and setup the display same as the other two Hags. Finally we have three fully serviceable Hag's.

The fleet of BV-206 Hagglunds at Mawson

Multi function display, GPS, rate gyro, digital broad band 4G radar, VHF marine radio, HF radio


  1. Hey Knackers, enjoying your post's.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done with the blue hag

    1. Thank your mother for the rabbits !!
      It was doing my head in.
      The best thing I ever did was smoke it out :)