Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday 25th April 2013

This morning we all gathered at sun rise in front of our flag poles to pay our respect with an Anzac day dawn service. Cookie did a great job and it was quite moving at times. After the dawn service, I went into the workshop and replaced the cooling fans in my amplifier and got things ready for my first moon bounce test tomorrow with Lance in America. 

At twelve we all met up in red dwarf for a BBQ and a game of two up. The Barbie and two up went well and was a credit to Trent who organised every thing. After a few beers most people snuck off for a nanny nap. I spent the afternoon hanging out down the transmitter shack coming back up for dinner and some socialising up later on at Club Catabatic.

Having a game of two up on ANZAC day

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