Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sunday 31st March to Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Today I was the slushy :(
This is the chef's assistant and general all round shit kicker and I have to do this every fifteen days.
First up, clean the steriliser, empty all the bins, sweep and mop the bar area, take out the empty bottles and glasses and restock the fridge and glasses. Clean and mop out the three toilets, vacuum the bar area and wipe down the tables and benches. Make up a bucket of fat milk, one of skim milk and one of juice. Fill all the jugs in the fridge, clean the coffee machine, do all the dishes and clean and prepare the dining room for smoko. Take all the dirty t-towels and wash them and bring back all the clean ones.

Have smoko

Wash all the dishes and help prepare lunch. Sweep the dining room floor, wash more dishes. Clean the toast, bread and cereal areas, wash more dishes. Clean up all the news papers and set the table, wash more dishes.

Have lunch

 Empty all the bins, wash more dishes, help prepare dinner, wash more dishes,wash more dishes, wash more dishes, wash more dishes, clean the dining room and set the table, wash more dishes.

Have dinner

Clean up, cover the leftovers and put into the fridge, wash more dishes, mop the floor, clear the table and take all the t-towels to be washed, take a shower, have two beers and fall asleep.

Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Today we had another blizzard but only about fifty knots and this one really dumped a lot on snow on the station. I spent the morning working on the orange Hag and then after lunch we had SAR training. (Search and rescue) SAR training is all about using ropes, fancy knots and technical climbing gear to rescue some one. Most of us have positions on the SAR team and also the fire team and we train quite regularly. I am the fire chief also every second week. Due to the blizzard we trained inside this time. Latter I completed my monthly report and also submitted my story for icy news which you can read here;

Monday 1st April 2013
Due to my previous late night I woke up very tired. As I missed my Saturdays duties and as it was my turn to clean the ops building toilet and kitchen, I decided to clean the entire building. There was so much hair on the floor I could knit some one a jumper. I don't think this building has had a good vacuum in years. I even vacuumed the bosses office so he could not whinge about me not doing my Saturdays duties :) The rest of the day was spent catching up on emails and working on the orange Hag. The highlight of the day was reading the news paper at smoko and there was a story about how North Korea tried to shoot a nuclear missile at South Korea but it blew up on the launch pad killing hundreds of thousands of North Koreans. I was very well written and at the end there was an apology from Julia Gillard to Australian Antarctic expeditioners for making an April fools joke. Nice one Chris.
Sunday 31st March 2013

I've been a bit slack keeping my Blog up to date lately as I have been both really busy and very tired. Sunday morning I enjoyed a nice sleep in, then after I got got up I enjoyed a nice hot spa and started to read my book again. The day was mostly relaxing until I tried to investigate the problem with backing up my logging program. I ended up getting sucked into it and worked late into the night on the software problem and finally discovered the backup files were in a hidden folder. Well done Bill.

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