Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday 15th April 2013

The wind has dropped a lot today but the blizzard conditions have left deep bliz trails all over the place making it very difficult to move around. The snow is very compacted and trying to climb up or down the bliz trails is impossible without micro spike and it’s so easy to come a cropper. Half of the bliz lines are buried and to my horror I discovered my 6m antenna was buried under one and a half meters of snow which took me an hour and a half to dig out.

I was hoping to finish the blue Hag today but I have discovered there are two plugs and a cable missing as well as no mounting hardware for the HF radio. I can only install what I have so the rest will have to wait till next year. I have scrounged around and got the two plugs working, but without the cable I am hoping this will only effect the operation of the radar and the GPS & MFD will still work OK for navigation. After digging out my antenna I was exhausted and went to bed shortly after dinner and had a magnificent sleep.

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  1. Hi Craig, I had the pleasure to make qso with you in 28 Mhz
    on 20/04/2013. All the best for your activity there and see you soon
    again in air.
    PS. When the new log on line? MAny Tnx