Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday 28th April 2013

I woke up at three o’clock this morning and thinking I would probably only stay awake I got up and went down to the radio shack to try 160m with no luck for over three hours effort, so back to sleep I went till about ten o’clock. After a shower I worked on my blog for a few hours and then scrounged up a few scraps for lunch.

I spent the afternoon researching electric cars and reading an ebook Luc gave me about the worlds depleting energy supplies which even though it is a great reference book, it was quite depressing to go through all the facts and calculations to realise how doomed our future or should I say our grand kids future is going to be unless we find some magic solution to replace coal & oil. I won’t go on about it but have a read if you want to learn about energy and the problem the world faces. “Sustainable energy without the hot air” by David JC MacKay (It’s free)

Around four o’clock I wandered down to the shack for a couple of hours coming back to make toasted sangers for dinner. I can’t wait to have a tomato in my ham, cheese & nothing toasty. My evening was spent writing my Blog and watching a few old episodes of Catalyst. The wind was blowing 40 knots all day and not really inviting outside.

A pole with one side sand blasted and bliz clinging to the lee side

The operations building through the bliz

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