Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday 17th April 2013

While I was working on the blue Hag today Chris walks in and asks if these plugs and cables are mine?


I was sooooo pissed off yet at the same time sooooo happy. Someone had removed them from the Hag and thinking they were rubbish thrown them into a pile of rubbish to be burnt. Trent was cleaning up and recognised one of the plugs as one of the items I had been searching the whole station for. It cost me about two days work, but at least now I will get the equipment fully operational. I spent a very late night with Chris and Darron in club catabatic discussing worldly issues.

After the blizzard over the weekend there are now snow petrels everywhere. It suddenly struck me how alone we have been since the ocean froze over as all the penguins and seals have left us weeks ago. These little birds are SO fragile yet they seem to thrive down here, it just blows you away how they can do it? Most of them nest inland in the mountains and where they go during a two hundred kilometer per hour blizzard has got me buggered?

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