Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday 12th August 2013

It was a pretty quiet day today. Chris was slushy, it was still blowing about thirty knots and there was a fair bit of snow blowing about and quite overcast. I sorted out all my emails and made a few phone calls. Jeremy came in with a laptop that wasn't working so I spent a bit of time getting that sorted.

I managed to track down a new ceramic GU84B tetrode for my amplifier from Alex UR4LL in Ukraine for US$390 which is not a bad price since they are now out of production so I ordered one. If I can't get the Quadra operational then I will get this valve sent down on V1 in November.

I had to do a bit of election stuff also. I am the electoral officer and I had to do a bit of paper work for that as well as register myself. I got an email from Mack who came across my blog and saw a photo of Fred Elliott who was his school teacher. I was able to put him in touch with Fred which was nice.

In the afternoon Luc and I had to do the gash run (rubbish run to the incinerator) as we couldn't do it during the blizzard. There was a bit of dry reaching as the garbage water leaked into the back of the Hag. I'm not very good with that sort of thing but it gave Luc a good laugh. All evening I spent updating my blog.


  1. Any election campaign there?

  2. Yes the right wing Penguin party has been lobbying expeditioners all week and the Elephant seal who hold the seat for this electorate has been running campaign adds on our local radio station Slushy FM