Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tuesday 10th September 2013

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and this morning everything was white. It’s always nice when it’s snowing (vertical) and it looks so nice and clean. I spent the morning making preparations for the field trip I am leading to Taylor Glacier as soon as we get a nice five day weather window. I also had to reprogram several GPS units and wire up an inverter and battery charger for the trip. After smoko I got a couple of antennas prepared to replace a couple of the field hut antennas to try and improve radio reception. I will take one of these with me down to the Colbeck hut to replace the existing antenna.

Our trusty old backup file server decided to break down again today and a power supply had to be changed and the three battery backup batteries were replaced at the same time. At lunch time I put out some calls for a Norwegian short wave listener but he couldn't receive me and I ended up talking to John in NSW for a while. I also did a lot of preparation for the trip I am doing tomorrow with John, Darron and Justin. We are going to do a four kilometre walk across a dangerous crevasse riddled glacier to reach an old Russian aircraft that crashed during takeoff in 1968. It should be exciting and I am really looking forward to it.


  1. Hey!
    I don't see San Remo?

  2. The distances might be right, but some of the directions are way off base...

  3. was it exciting trip? I hope so !
    I dont see bali either !!

  4. Was that the sign post put up for the Volkswagen drivers?

    "Antarctica 1 was the first of five Volkswagens taken to Mawson. At changeover in 1963/64, Antarctica 2 was delivered, number 3 came down a few years later, remaining until February 1971 (see photograph). A private vehicle was also taken down and lost on the seaice, in dramatic circumstances. In the 1980's a chassis and engine, no body, a "buggy" was at Mawson. The full story of Volkswagens with ANARE is in preparation by Ray McMahon and will appear in September Aurora magazine. "

    Cheers Arthur