Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday 21st October 2013

Today I was determined to get rid of those hazardous transformers containing PCB’s sitting in a dangerous state only meters from where I sit using my radio. I searched the green store and found the perfect hazardous goods containment tub. I kitted up with the appropriate PPE and sealed the open holes with good old gaffa tape then lifted them both into the tub. I filled the tub with vermiculite absorbent material covering the transformers and then sealed the lid on with more Gaffa tape and placed a large red danger label on the lid. Finally I called Chris to give me a hand to load the tub into the ute and I took them down to the chemical store for safe keeping before transport back to Australia can be arranged.

 I feel so much better with them out of my sight now and safely stored. Kingston are now working on their removal as well as replacing the other three transformers still in use. Finally I am getting changes made down here. Over summer I hope to get east arm cleaned up and all the asbestos and rubbish bagged up and returned to Australia. When it warms up in summer I am thinking of organising a “Clean up Antarctica” day and get all on station involved for the day. If it gets approved I might ask Kingston if we can make this day for all stations once a year like they do in Australia for clean up Australia day. Just picking up nails down here you could fill a forty four gallon drum in a day. 

Back in the workshop I filled up two big boxes with equipment manuals for gear that hasn't been down here for years and took them over to the green store for RTA. John had asked me on Friday before he left for Colbeck if I could take the cane pole trailer up to F14 for him before it gets too difficult to get the trailer up the steep plateau. As the weather was great this afternoon with sunshine, blue sky and no wind I thought it would be perfect time to do it. 

Around three o’clock I hooked up the trailer and grabbed Luc and we both headed off up the plateau in perfect conditions. It was a nice run up to F14 in the fresh powdered snow and we disconnected the trailer and parked it up against the fuel trailer we left there on Friday. We enjoyed a sunny drive back to the coast were we stopped on a high point on the plateau just before the steep descent down to the station. I had brought a couple of chairs, an improvised table and some cheese and crackers and refreshments. We both spent a memorable hour and a half chatting and admiring the magnificent view which neither of us will ever forget. Eventually we had to drag our selves back to the station for a late dinner and it was a great afternoon.

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  1. l think the clean up day is a great idea Craig. It amazes me the ammount of rubbish l pick up on our little road if l didn't imagine after 30 years how it would look. Good on you.