Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday 24th October 2013

Today the blizzard had intensified to 60 knots and it was horrible outside. ARPANSA buggered up and I spent most of the morning sorting it out with a bit of help from Dave in Melbourne. Somehow the program sequence had gotten out of whack but eventually I sussed it out and got it up and running once again. We lost power today.

The wind suddenly dropped out and the power management couldn't react fast enough and we suffered a blackout for about an hour. A lot of our UPS only last for half an hour so we lost quite a few comms services. Most things came back on their own but others needed a helping hand. For some reason we lost throughput on the ANARESAT and I hunted it down to a router that wasn't talking to Kingston. A reboot sorted this out and we were back up and running. 

We have been very lucky so far as we have had only a few short outages for the year that we have been able to sort out very quickly. The ANARESAT is very reliable and it’s usually only the IT equipment that causes us any grief.

ANARESAT monitor
Up/down converters & modems
LNA & SSPA changeover switch
7.5m antenna
Kevlar radome
Hmmm, must have been one of those jobs?

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