Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday 16th October 2013

The trip I organised today to climb Rumdoodle with John and Peter C was cancelled due to the overcast sky, but within a couple of hours the sky cleared into a fantastic day, -2c, blue sky and no wind which really sucked. I spent all morning moving about 50 battery’s and another printer over to the green store to be RTA’ed.

After lunch I went up one of the wind turbines with Trent and Jeremy to have a look. It was terrific to have a good look inside and to take some photos out of the hatch on the roof. We were actually sitting inside the nose cone while replacing grease canisters, a scary thought when you look up from the ground. Climbing up was the worst bit. It was quick and easy for the first two thirds but then I got tired and the last third was a struggle. Climbing back down was a lot easier. It very cramped inside, cold and they move around a lot in high winds.

The long climb up

The view from above

The long climb back down

Late in the afternoon I took a run out to Bechervaise Island to complete the battery replacement and to repair the open circuit fault with the solar panels on the radio link. I was hard work carrying 100Ah battery’s back and forth across the Island as well as the generator. By the time I got back to station I was knackered again.

At peoples night Justin put on some photos and talked about his time working as a concert caterer and all the bands and artists he worked alongside and traveled with.

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