Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday 10th October 2013

The blizzard was still raging this morning and everybody was dragging their feet at breakfast as no one wanted to go outside and battle the elements again. Most people either try to find a job in the red shed to do or make their way to their office and stay there all day. The operation’s building has a kitchen and bunks in case it gets too bad to leave the building. I spent a couple of hours in the hydroponics hut this morning as for some reason three of the tanks were empty and there was lots of water all over the floor. It is so over grown it’s hard to move around in half the building. I did the ARPANSA filter change and then worked from my room for the rest of the day. Tonight’s foreign movie was called Englar alheimsins (Angels of the universe - Icelandic) (2000) and it was about mental illness which I found a bit confronting and depressing and not what I want to see in a movie. Later, Tailor park boys lifted the sombre mood.

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